Meet the Staff

  • Mrs Wood

    Mrs Wood teaches our Owls Class (Y2/3/4) on Monday- Wednesday . She loves science, and is very creative.

  • Mrs Bullock

    Mrs Bullock is our learning mentor, she also works in Owls Class to support our children and is 1 of our lunchtime supervisors.

  • Mrs Richards

    Mrs Richards is the Y2/3/4 class teacher (Owls' Class) She is a very experienced member of Halwin staff and is the Assistant Headteacher.

  • Mrs Bickerton

    Miss Bickerton has recently qualified as a TA here at school. She is the TA in Kingfisher's Class and leads intervention and support groups.

  • Mrs Tamblin

    Mrs Tamblin teaches in our Robins' Class (EYFS and Y1). She is also our SENCo here at school.

  • Mr Lawrence

    Mr Lawrence is the Executive Headteacher at Halwin. He joined us in April 2017 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us.

  • Mrs Laundon

    Mrs Laundon is teaching assistant and EYFS specialist - we welcomed her back to Halwin after completing her EYFS professional training.

  • Mrs Nisbet

    Mrs Nisbet is our school secretary and font of all knowledge ! You will find a very warm 'Mrs Nisbet' welcome at Halwin School !

  • Mrs Rossiter

    Mrs Rossiter is an experienced teaching assistant - she works in all classes and leads interventions and support groups.

  • Mrs Trathen

    Mrs Trathen is an experienced TA, leading support groups and intervention, she works in Y2/3/4/5 &6 She also runs our 'wrap around' care.

  • Mrs Price

    Mrs Price is our school secretary and you will find her in the office on a Friday.

  • Mr Osborne

    Mr Osborne teaches our Kingfisher's Class (Year 4/5/6).

  • Mrs Jenkin

    Mrs Jenkin runs our Breakfast and After school Clubs.