Meet the Staff

  • Mrs Nisbet


    Mrs Nisbet is our school secretary and fount of all knowledge. You will find a very warm 'Mrs Nisbet' welcome at Halwin School.

  • Mr Lawrence

    Executive Headteacher.

    Mr Lawrence is the Executive Headteacher of Halwin and the Deputy CEO of the Southerly Point Co-operative Multi Academy Trust and shares his time between both settings. He joined us in April 2017 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to us.

  • Mrs Busby

    Assistant Headteacher

    Mrs Busby joined Halwin in September 2018 as Assistant Headteacher and also teaches in the Owls Class 3 days per week.

  • Mrs Tamblin

    Class Teacher

    Mrs Tamblin teaches in our Robins Class (EYFS and Y1). She is also our SENCo here at school.

    She is currently on maternity leave. Mrs Hollihead is covering the Robins' Class

  • Mr Barnard

    Class Teacher

    Mr Barnard teaches the oldest children of Halwin; The Kingfishers .

  • Mrs Nelson

    Class Teacher

    Mrs Nelson teaches at both Halwin and Wendron schools. Here, she teaches in the Owls' Class.

  • Mrs Price

    Mrs Price is our school secretary and you will find her in the office on a Friday.

  • Mrs Laundon

    Mrs Laundon is a Teaching Assistant and an Early Years specialist - we welcomed her back to Halwin after completing her EYFS professional training.

  • Miss Sweeney

    Miss Sweeney not only supervises our lunchtimes but also supports the children's learning in Robins class as a Teaching Assistant.

  • Mrs Bullock

    Mrs Bullock is our learning mentor, she also supports the children's learning in Owls Class as a Teaching Assistant and is one of our lunchtime supervisors.

  • Mrs Rossiter

    Mrs Rossiter is an experienced Teaching Assistant - she works in all classes and leads interventions and support groups.

  • Mrs Trathen

    Mrs Trathen is an experienced Teaching Assistant, leading support groups and intervention. She supports the learning in the Owls' class.

  • Mrs Jenkin

    Mrs Jenkin runs our Breakfast and After school Clubs.