Minutes of Meetings

Friends of Halwin Meeting

16th November 2015 3:15pm


Attendance : Rachel Bickerton; Cath Roberts; Tamsin Price; Cherie Reynolds; Anita Street; Karen Carpenter; Sapphire McDermott; Sarah Maddern; Nikki Martin; Sarah Board; Fiona Collins


Apologies : None received


Minutes of last meeting / matters arising

Need to check if flyer has been sent out for Giving Machine – Sapphire will check with Sarah B/Mrs Nisbet

FOH shed – Anita & Karen to sort out

Bacon rolls at assembly went well - £10 still to pay out for rolls so £44.90 profit made


Jumble Sale

28th November, 10-1

Karen & Anita can help set up – Karen can help at end of sale

Fiona & Sarah M to do tea/coffee

Bacon rolls - £2 with drink. Cath will ask Linda Marshall if Tulip will donate bacon & Rachel will get rolls

We will ask for good condition books as can be donated afterwards

Need flyer for satchel post asking for donations and reminding parents of bags to school and items they take – Nikki to do


New members

Two new committee members to join Friends of Halwin:

Tamsin Price – proposed by Anita Street, seconded by Sarah Board

Cherie Reynolds – proposed by Anita Street, seconded by Cath Roberts



Fundraising is currently for £3000 robot for school. Need to make local community aware and raise funds.

Rachel suggested using visual aids – maybe allow businesses/families to sponsor or purchase a ‘part’ of the robot and use large robot picture to show this.


Treasurer’s report

Accounts have now been examined by Mr Nisbet and discrepancy of £43.15 shown. Agreed probably due to confusion between float & income – report at AGM should be as amended report attached.

Balance on 19 October £3850.07.

Agreed the £400 to go to FOH from the equestrian sale included the £82 made from selling refreshments there. No need to ask for small shortfall.

Karen has completed Charity Commission return but this requires us to have policies in place for complaints, paying staff etc. Karen will look into this so we can comply as necessary.




One grant has been applied for but no further progress yet


Christmas Fayre

Arranged for Saturday 12th December, 10 – 1

Stalls to include:

  •          Turkey rolls
  •          Raffle – to include red/green/blue hampers. Sarah to order 1000 raffle tickets – still covered by licence so can sell outside of school. Sapphire to look at hampers
  •          Bottle tombola – Anita to man and also do ‘guess the number of corks in the bottle’
  •          Sweet stall – Sarah B to man
  •          Father Christmas  - Anita will get gifts (£1 each) and Tamsin will ask potential FC
  •          Cake stall – Fiona to man – ask parents to bring donations in on Friday 11th Dec. Cakes to be pre-priced. Nikki to source plastic tubs from Carters – donate/buy
  •          Christmas cake ‘guess the weight’ – Rachel & Bonnie to do cake
  •          Jewellery stall
  •          Pre-school to have stall
  •          Church to be offered stall – can Karen contact please
  •          Pin the nose on the snowman – Cath’s daughter can draw snowman
  •          Gingerbread decoration – decorate upside down gingerbread men as reindeer – Cath will man ‘making’ stall
  •          Wreaths – Rachel will make wreaths to sell at fayre

Agreed that no outside stalls be invited this year.

Programme suggested with adverts for local businesses etc. – maybe money off vouchers as well as thank you to companies like Tulip who donate to school. To be circulated before Christmas Fayre. Nikki to sort.

Mufti day for bottles/sweets – suggested for 11th December.

Notices to be displayed letting people know fundraising is for robot – Sarah B will prepare.

Christmas tree to go up in hall on 1st December – FOH to put up first thing. Nikki to see if we can get one donated.

Fiona to get plastic Christmas tablecloths as well as some new tea towels for FOH


Any other business

Possible ‘robot auction’ – to be discussed at next meeting


Next meeting arranged for Tuesday 1st December at 9am


Meeting closed at 4:30



Minutes of the Friends of Halwin AGM


6st October 2015 at Halwin School




V Sanderson; K Carpenter; F Collins; S McDermott; R Bickerton; S Board; A Street; S Jenkins; J Nisbet




S Maddern; S Williams; A Taylor; L Palmer; C Roberts; D Childs


Acceptance of Last Years AGM Minutes


The minutes of the 2014 AGM were accepted and there were no matters arising.




The Chairman (Mrs S Board) read the Chairman’s report for 2014/15 (copy attached)


The Treasurer (Mrs K Carpenter) read the Treasurer’s report for 2014/15 (copy attached)


Resignation and election of Officers


Following the resignation of all officers, the following officers were duly elected:


Chairman – Rachel Bickerton          proposed by Karen Carpenter

                                                            seconded by Sapphire McDermott


Treasurer – Karen Carpenter         proposed by Sarah Board

                                                            seconded by Rachel Bickerton


Secretary – Sapphire McDermott    proposed by Rachel Bickerton

                                                            seconded by Karen Carpenter



Committee Members  


Fiona Collins; Leticia Palmer; Cath Roberts; Anita Street; Sue Jenkins; Mrs V Sanderson; Sarah Board; Sarah Maddern; Andrea Taylor (acceptance of all members proposed by Karen Carpenter, seconded by Sapphire McDermott)   


Any Other Business


Agreed that it is too much to expect Chairperson to organize every event – for each fundraising event a committee member will take the lead and organize.


Auditor of accounts proposed and agreed as Stephen Nisbet.


Need to encourage new members and introduce FOH to EYFS families – breakfast baps & tea/coffee available Monday 9th November @ 8:30am to tie in with EYFS children presentation. Rachel will cook bacon and get rolls - Sapphire to ask Linda Marshall about bacon.


Cricket club are donating family ticket for bonfire night – raffle squares as before in assembly on 16 & 23 November. Karen will prepare and sell.


Equestrian sale 23rd October – Sarah & Fiona to sell refreshments, Sarah will liaise with Kate Wedlake.


Jumble sale & Bags 2 School – ideally before end of year. Rachel will see when Bags 2 School collection available. Arrange jumble sale around that if possible.


Flyer to go out for Giving Machine before Christmas – Sarah B to check if she has one.


FOH shed needs sorting – Karen and Anita will do and arrange with Mrs Sanderson.


Polytunnel kit discussed – £2000 for complete system. FOH would apply for funding as charity. Low maintenance best for sensory garden. Possible community input? Mrs Sanderson investigating.


Request for £300 to purchase 2x programmable robots for ICT agreed. Also agreed that we should begin fundraising for £3000 robot.


Date of next meeting – Monday 16th November 2015 at 3:15pm.


There being no other business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 4:30pm.
















Friends of Halwin Meeting

14th July 2015 3:15pm


Attendance : Sarah Board; Anita Street; Sharon Williams; Karen Carpenter; Sapphire McDermott; Leticia Palmer; Mrs Sanderson


Apologies : Andrea Taylor; Sarah Maddern; Rachel Bickerton; Debbie Childs



Karen presented financial report showing approx. current balance of £4801.75.

Out of this, still need to pay approx. £1,000 for elemental sessions.

Further £1,000 of this is from raffle and to be put aside for EYFS outdoor area, but not being spent yet.

Taps - £300 has been spent but we’ve not yet been billed.

Bins not being paid for by FOH.

Mrs Richards has asked for new camera – agreed FOH would spend £100. Anita to discuss with her.

Bricks – not being purchased yet but will cost around £1,000 – funds may be requested at a later date.

Elemental – Anita mentioned how much children had enjoyed these sessions, and would be nice to do next year. FOH may be able to contribute again depending on next year’s fundraising.



To run for 1 hour. FOH doing refreshments only. Sarah B to get ice lollies & crisps.

Sarah B, Anita, Tish & Jo Nicholls to help on the day.

Karen knows someone who will take photos – request for any wigs, comedy glasses etc for kids to use.



‘Keep it Cornwall’ can be applied to for funds for specific project. Karen to discuss with Mrs Sanderson and write application letter.

Can also apply to Wendron Parish Council for funding for specific project – wait until September and discuss again. 


Any other business

Special thanks to those yr 6 parents who will be leaving school for all their help – in particular Debbie Childs and Sharon Williams. Also thanks to both Mrs Sanderson & Sarah B for all their hard work this year.

Culdrose only supplying manpower this year, not materials, therefore FOH may be asked for money towards materials.


AGM arranged for Tuesday 6th October 2015

Next meeting to take place early September – date TBA

Meeting closed at 3:50




Friends of Halwin Meeting

12th March 2015 3:15pm


Attendance : Mrs Sanderson; Sarah Board; Michelle Brooker; Andrea Taylor; Sapphire McDermott; Debs Childs; Karen Carpenter


Apologies : Sharon Williams; Sue Jenkin; Cath Roberts; Sarah Maddern; Nikki Martin; Fiona Collins; Tish Palmer; Anita Street; Rachel Bickerton


Minutes of last meeting : All agreed.


Matters arising - adventure playground :

Pre-school had agreed to contribute £1000, but as equipment will be suitable for 5 years+ they are no longer able to contribute. If we later install equipment suitable for younger children they could contribute to that.

Equipment has been chosen with student council – cost of £12,000. All agreed that work should commence ASAP (6 week turnaround)  - Mrs Sanderson to give go ahead.

Sponsored bike ride going ahead.

Rachel has approached rotary club who will donate £500. Sarah B to approach masons to see if they will make contribution.


Other matters:

Silver smarties will go ahead after Easter holidays as sponsored bike ride to be done first.

Mammoth raffle – Tish & Kate have lots of prizes and licence has arrived. Consider some prizes for auction on the night? Draw will now take place at Star Inn on evening of motor show.

Bag packing at Sainsburys booked for 25 April.

Sarah Maddern has agreed to take over as secretary.

E-bay items – Cath hasn’t had a chance to list them yet. Debs may be able to help to try and get listed before jumble sale. Debs to discuss with Cath.

Community cash back – we have been awarded £500. Awards event – Mrs Sanderson to attend.

£10.50 outstanding from community breakfast – family didn’t turn up therefore no money owed.

Facebook – to discuss at next meeting (if Tish can make it) so we all know what can go on there. To be made clear if something is not to be posted until certain time.

Push taps for sinks – confirmed FOH previously agreed these for red class to start with. Mrs Sanderson will check/chase up quotes.

Photos – following previous discussion about changing photographers, Jo Buckley suggested as possible alternative. All online – please can we all look at website and give opinions to Mrs Sanderson.


Spring Fayre

Set up Friday 20th after school, and can leave eggs & bottles in the hall from mufti.


Stalls for spring fayre:

  •          Cakes – Fiona
  •          Gifts – Layla (till 12)
  •          Egg hunt – Reba (with Cath to help)
  •          Bottle tombola – Andrea
  •          Plant Stall – Karen’s mil
  •          Cuddly toy/easter egg tombola – Sapphire
  •          Tea/coffee – Debs
  •          Bacon rolls – Nikki
  •          Raffle – Sarah B
  •          Guess eggs in jar – Karen (or to go with gifts if Karen unavailable)
  •          Pre-school will have stall

Possible outside stall? Friend of Kate Wedlake selling jewellery. £10 charge & would they need table? Sapphire to message Kate.

Rachel has bacon. Sarah B to check refreshments, rolls, paper plates & cling film for cakes (no more plastic boxes available).

Sapphire to get 3x raffle books.

Can we send reminders to parents for bottles, eggs etc. via the text system used by school/e-schools? Sapphire to ask Mrs Nisbet. If not, use white boards if OK.

Sarah B will ask mums who have helped before if they can help on day.

Bake off – Sarah B has books as prizes. Need judges – Mrs Nisbet & Mrs Nute? Sapphire to ask Mrs Nisbet about this.


Date of Next meeting – Wednesday 6th May at 3:15.


Meeting closed at 4:20.