Online Safety

Children are spending more time playing and socialising online than watching television programmes

See the latest Cornwall E-Safety update, which is now available at Cornwall Learning E-Safety Update 11 for more information on how to set "Screen Time" rules.

A big thank you to Jane McFall from Cornwall Learning for leading our annual E-safety training session on 14th March.  Jane also held a very informative e-safety session for parents and the handout from this session can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.
The Internet is vast and unregulated and can be abused, but this is not a valid reason to avoid it.  Instead, the school manages the risks whilst exploiting the educational value of the Internet and educating pupils to become responsible digitial citizens.
To safeguard children and adults the school makes use of an E-Safety policy, Acceptable use Agreements (AUPs) and a web-content filtering system - Netsweeper.  Adults have regular training in E-Safety and all children are taught E-Safety.  The school uses the SMART rules throughout KS2 and Hector the Dolphin in EYFS and KS1.  Links to these can be found on the E-Safety Links page.