Safeguarding Statement

At Halwin the safety and welfare of all children is of paramount importance. Parents 
send their children to school each day with the expectation that school provides a secure 
environment in which their children can flourish. Halwin School therefore has to 
ensure that this expectation becomes reality.

Appointments of Staff and induction of newly appointed staff
All staff that are appointed to work at Halwin school have a Criminal Record 
search called a DBS check. This search highlights people who have a criminal record or if 
previous allegations have been made against them. If staff are found to have a criminal 
record the appointment is reconsidered by the Headteacher and the Personnel Committee 
of the Governing body.The Head teacher sits on all appointment panels where the candidates are external applicants.New staff are inducted into safeguarding practices. It is the responsibility of the Headteacher to familiarise new staff with procedures and policy which affect the health 
and safety of the school but especially the children.

Child Protection
The designated safeguarding lead is the headteacher. The designated governor is Cll. Jenkin. It is vital to tell the designated teacher of any concern about a child as early as 
possible so that a decision can be made about referral to social services.
The child protection policy includes a statement of physical restraint. This school follows 
DFES guidelines 10/98 which asserts that physical restraint may be used if there is the 
possibility that a child may be about to cause harm to him/herself or to another. It also 
asserts that on no occasion should physical contact be used as punishment.
All allegations of abuse by or complaints of a teacher will be dealt with according to the 
Cornwall Safeguarding Procedures.